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Organic Production and organic Food

We develop organic production and support organic food.

The Ministry of Agriculture supports and ensures the development of organic production in the CR. It is the guarantor of compliance with the rules on organic production, and at the same time it coordinates financial support for organic farmers within the framework of national subsidies and the Rural Development Programme. It also actively participates in support for marketing, education and training.

Organic farming is a modern form of farming without the use of chemical substances; it enables the production of high-quality food and is an integral part of the agrarian policy of the CR. Organic production provides advantages for consumers, the animals and the surrounding environment. Organic farmers manage their land without synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilisers, growth promoters or genetically modified organisms. This is to minimise the risk of contaminating the environment and the landscape with these foreign substances. Organic farming supports microbial life in the soil and also the biodiversity of the landscape; there is a greater percentage of protected plant and animal species on organic farms, organic farmers often grow fewer traditional crop varieties (spelt, buckwheat) and rear fewer common/popular, but native breeds of farm animals.

Organic Production and organic Food