Beekeeping is one of the oldest fields of human activity. The total number of hives kept in the Czech Republic is 657 107. Beekeepers are associated into professional associations, the largest of them, the Czech Association of Beekeepers, has 55 464 members, another 2 452 beekeepers work outside this organisation. There is still a predominance of small beekeepers in the CR, keeping up to 15 hives. This is the best way to ensure uniform pollination of the landscape while also providing ideal conditions for regional food production and the possibility to offer regional bee products. At the same time, there are 109 larger beekeeping operations, with more than 150 hives; these are the regional centres for promoting modern beekeeping methods and rationalization. The Ministry of Agriculture provides significant support for beekeepers in the Czech Republic by means of European and national subsidies. European subsidies are mainly aimed at the options for providing a technical background for beekeepers, training in the field, promoting transhumance of hives, support for ascertaining the quality of the honey and support for drugs in the fight against varroosis. The Czech Republic contributes 50 % to European subsidies and 50 % comes from the EU. National subsidies are mainly aimed at supporting the pollination activity of bees as well as at supporting the activities of beekeeping associations whilst promoting apiculture.

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