Facts and Data

Area 78 870 km²
Length of the border 2 303 km
Population 10 690 000 as of 1 January 2020
Capital Prague (1 324 000 inhabitants as of 1 January 2020)
Population density 134 inhabitants/km²
Time zone Central European Time
Political system Parliamentary democracy
EU Member

Since 1 May 2004


Czech crown (CZK)


Indicators for agrarian sector

Agricultural land (thous. ha) 4 202
Arable land (thous. ha) 2 940
Arable (%) 70
Forests (thous. ha) 2 675
Number of agricultural workers (persons) 99 000
Balance of agrarian foreign trade (billion CZK) -47,2
Average farm size (ha) 130
Business structure of natural and legal persons in agriculture  
Total 47 604
Natural persons total 43 153
     of which agricultural entrepreneurs 23 188
Legal persons total 4 451
     of which business corporations 3 609
         of which Ltd. 2 841
                       Inc. 728
                       cooperatives 517
                       other 325
Permanent grassland (thous. ha) 1 017
Hop fields (thous. ha) 5
Vineyards (thous. ha) 16.1

Orchards (thous. ha)


Source: ČÚZK (State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre, SALSC), ČSÚ (Czech Statistical Office, CZSO) and ÚZEI (Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information, IAEI)

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