Meet your farmer

The direct sales of good-quality agricultural products to the consumer is also supported by the Ministry in the form of the Meet Your Farmer project. The aim is to introduce the public to a farmer (hence the name “Meet Your Farmer”) who lives close to their place of residence and to show them where to buy fresh food directly from the producer.


This improves communication between farmers and their potential customers. Thanks to this project, the general public gains the opportunity to buy absolutely fresh food at prices that come directly from the producer.

An open gate day is held annually in all regions of the Czech Republic, always at several smaller farms involved in food production. Throughout the day visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the products on offer as well as to see for themselves how they are made. Other similar farms from the surroundings are also present at the event. Children can look forward to an entertaining programme on farming and healthy eating at the farms.


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