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The term fisheries is understood to mean the farming, husbandry, protection and catching of fish or other aquatic organisms. In the Czech Republic fisheries can be divided into production and recreation sectors.


At present, there are approximately 24 000 ponds and water reservoirs in the Czech Republic with a total area of about 52 000 ha. Management in fishing grounds consists of managing river systems and maintaining fish communities in locations where recreational fishing is carried out using rods. In the Czech Republic there are more than 2 000 declared fishing grounds with an area of approximately 42 000 ha.

In 2016 the production of market fish in the Czech Republic came to 20 952 tonnes. Carp made up 87.6 % of the total volume of fish caught; salmonids 3.2 %, herbivorous fish 5.1 %, tench 0.8 % and carnivorous fish amounted to 1.1 % of the total catch. The domestic market consumed 8 252 tonnes of live fish and live fish exports came to 10 977 tonnes.