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Seeds and Planting Materials

The Division of Seed and Planting Materials is the Czech national designated authority for the certification of seed and other reproductive material of the following species:

  • All agricultural species: cereals, grasses, legumes and other fodder plants, oil and fiber plants, beets and seed potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit species
  • Vine
  • Ornamental species
  • Hop

In this section you can find information on authorisation of the marketing of seed of not yet officially listed varieties and also on registration of suppliers, on authorisation to issue EU plant passports, forms to download and contact information concerning seed certification and control in the Czech Republic.

The Division of Seed and Planting Materials is settled in Prague and it cooperates with regional control departments and with testing stations for field trials.

The Division of Seed and Planting Materials performs mainly following activities:

  • certification procedure of seed and planting materials
  • international certification according to OECD and ISTA
  • inspection of seed and planting material placed on the market
  • authorisation and recording of imported seed and planting material
  • registration of seed and planting material suppliers
  • authorisation of persons for field inspections, sampling and testing of seeds and planting materials
  • authorisation of marketing of not yet officially listed varieties
  • inspection of orchards grown in integrated fruit production systems
  • keeping of the database of seeds suitable for organic production
  • granting exceptions for use of conventional seeds in organic production