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Phytosanitary Export Certification

Jan 30, 2023

UKZUZ performs phytosanitary export certification of plant commodities. Phytosanitary certificate provides requested phytosanitary guarantees related to consignment to importing plant health service. The certification is based on international agreement International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

Phytosanitary certificate (PC):

  • PC is a standardised form of communication between exporting and importing plant protection services only. In case of electronic form it may not be available to operator nor any other institution.
  • PC is strictly focused on phytosanitary purpose only, including attachments, and cannot provide nor include any information related to other interests.
  • PC’s content and declaration is dependent on phytosanitary import requirements of importing country regulation and cannot be modified on request of operator.
  • PC’s scope is defined by IPPC and completion is harmonized with international standard ISPM 12.

The necessary documents:

  • Import permit.  - depending on importing country 
  • Phytosanitary requirements of importing country. - if not available to UKZUZ.
  • A former original PC.  - in case of re-export of a consignment

Procedure of inspection

  • New exporter applies for official registration.
  • The notification of exported consignment is to address to ÚKZÚZ at least two days in advance. – electronic way is possible
  • The consignment has to be presented for inspection at place of shipment before loading. The means of conveyance has to be available for inspection too.
  • Exporter provides appropriate equipment and facilities and other collaboration to inspector at the place of shipment.
  • Samples can be taken from packages of the consignment.


  • Certification is NOT a formal process available without physical check of goods
  • PC canNOT be issued retrospectively
  • Other documents canNOT be linked to a phytosanitary certificate.
  • PC canNOT be issued for consignment destined to other EU countries.

Other aspects if phytosanitary export certification

  • The export inspection is charged by ÚKZÚZ according to scope of inspectin and issuance of a PC is charged 500 Kč in form of government stamp.
  • The necessary changes or corrections of entry in an issued PC can be done and has to be verified by UKZUZ inspector only.
  • To keep validity of an issued PC the consignment should leave the Czech Republic within two weeks.
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Pre-export inspection and certification

  • In case the requirements for a commodity include a former inspection of plants during growing season or laboratory sampling, these steps are conducted in advance on request of exporter and can be charged separately.
  • In case of export from another EU member state of plants planted in territory of the Czech Republic, UKZUZ issues a “Předvývozní osvědčení” (pre-export certificate)  addressed to competent authority of another EU member state.

Queries for additional explanation can be address to odv@ukzuzcz

In English call Mr. Michal Slanina: +420 606 792 116