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Compliance with general principles of IPM and support tools

In order to control the fulfillment of the legal obligations of Czech farmers, a control system was introduced. This system has undergone several revisions since 2014 resulting in a system of regular investigations = monitoring of the level of fulfillment of individual IPM principles. Except of monitoring of the IPM principles implementation, the Plant Health Portal has also made available to the agricultural public, where all available information necessary for the application of IPM can be found.

In connection with the obligations laid down in Directive 2009/128/EC, a control system was introduced in 2014. Official controls were carried out in the framework of this system at farmers using plant protection products in their business (i.e. professional users). In 2015, due to changes in the interpretation of the IPM implementation by the European Commission, ÚKZÚZ had agreed on revision of the control system and adapted the whole system to the specifics of the Czech plant production conditions. From 2015 onwards, a XLSX questionnaire Opens a new window. (190 KB) in a simplified structure focused on the concept of IPM in close connection with related problems of plant production is presented to the agricultural public. The degree of IPM implementation is evaluated by using a score system.

Actual guideline for crop field is PDF here Opens a new window. (4 MB)  (in Czech only).

Sanctions may be imposed in case of  

  • infringement clearly formulated in the law or in related laws (e.g. Act No. 156/1998 Coll., on fertilizers or Decree No. 32/2012, Coll. on preparations and other plant protection products)  

  • infringement is associated with a possible subsequent reduction of the subsidy established within the Cross Compliance system. 

Outcomes of IPM controls in years (in Czech only):

PDF 2014 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2015 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2016 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2017 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2018 Opens a new window. (1 MB)

PDF 2019 Opens a new window. (1 MB)

PDF 2020 Opens a new window. (3 MB)

PDF 2021 Opens a new window. (4 MB)

IPM tools for implementation  

Member States are obliged to provide professional users with the necessary conditions for the application of IPM or to support their introduction. One of the ways to fulfill this obligation is to make available all information related to the IPM via web tools. 

In 2014, the ÚKZÚZ launched the Plant Health Portal (PH portal), which, in addition to the IPM crop guidelines provide information on the current occurrence of various harmful organisms as well as forecast models, a photo gallery and a module dealing with resistance. An integral part of the PH portal is also the Semaphore of plant protection product, which displays the list of permitted preparations in color according to risk for individual components of the environment. 

Since February 2020, a new responsive design of the PH portal is available on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. The clear appearance and new arrangement enable to access information about plant protection not only from their homes, but also when solving various situations directly in the field. 

The new form of PH portal brings all the above-mentioned information in a unified format, including tool such as the monitoring calendar or the full-text list of certified research institute methodologies. Individual crops can be sorted according to groups (legumes, cereals, ornamental plants, fruit, vegetables, technical crops, fodder crops, etc.), according to available IPM guidelines or monitoring methodologies of HO, including an easy search by crop name. 

It is now possible to use applications for filtering plant protection products according to preselected combinations, e.g. according to crops and harmful organisms, including available alternatives or alternatives to the entire active substance or according to biological function, group of active substances or the active substance itself, formulation or newly according to use in water protecting zones, etc.  

More about PH portal in PDF leaflet Opens a new window. (2 MB)