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The departement activities are defined by the Act 147/2002 Coll. concerning the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture and amendments to some connected acts, as amended by later regulations; Act no. 91/1996 Coll. concerning feed, as amended by later regulations and its rule of practice.

  • It performs the state official controls of feed, feed additives and premixtures production, use and quality including production of feedingstuffs for the primary production level own need.
  • It registers and approves feed business establishments in accordance with applicable legal provisions of the Act on feedingstuffs including establishments of producers, intermediaries and importers of feedingstuffs, feed additives and premixtures, it allocates them identifying numbers and keeps their records.
  • It issues professional qualification certificates for production, processing and import of feed additives, premixtures and feedingstuffs with the use of feed additives or premixtures of feed additives.
  • It participates in Rapid Alert System in the field of feeds (RASFF); it is a contact point for feeds in the Czech Republic.
  • Through its appointed representative, it participates on decision-making process of the Standing Committee for Food Chain and Animal Health - section Animal Nutrition within DG SANCO European Commission.
  • Through its appointed representative, it participates on decision-making process of the intergovernmental Work Group for animal nutrition established within the scope of Codex Alimentarius FAO and WHO.
  • It assigns special measures to the producers, importers, suppliers and feed business operators who use feedingstuffs, feed additives and premixtures. These measures are connected with the health protection of consumers, animals and the environment.
  • Within the scope of supervision or upon request, it performs sampling of feedingstuffs, feed additives and premixtures.
  • It performs verification of the production technology.
  • It performs expert activities in the field of feedingstuffs and issues expert's opinions.
  • It provides monitoring of risk substances occurrence in feeds.

Oct 11, 2022

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