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Water supply and severage systems

In 2016, water supply systems supplied water to 9.97 million inhabitants in the Czech republic, i.e. 94.4 % of the total population, largely thanks to the construction of new water mains in the peripheries of cities and municipalities. According to the quality monitoring in the water supply network, this water is some of the highest quality in Europe, and its quality is still improving.

In 2016, there were 8.94 million people living in houses connected to the sewerage system, which was 84.7 % of the total population. There were 446 900 000 m3 of waste water released into the sewerage systems. Of this amount, 97.3 % of waste water was purified (excluding rain water). The number of inhabitants whose homes are connected to the sewerage system increased by 62 109 year-on-year.

In 2016, the length of the sewerage system was extended by 1 257 km and is now 47 141 km long. Compared to the previous year, the number of waste water treatment plants increased by 59. Thus there are 2 554 waste water treatment plants in the CR.

Development of the number of residents living in houses connected to the sewerage system and the amount of wastewater released and purified in 1989 and 2006–2016

Water supply and severage systems

In 2016, a grant programme with a focus on developing the water management infrastructure of water supply and sewerage systems and waste water treatment plants, financed from national resources, helped to pay for 116 water supply constructions and 185 sewerage systems constructions. The total amount of aid was CZK 1.88 billion.

Water supply