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Anti drought measures

Drought is beginning to manifest ever more intensely in our territory, it is a threat not only for agriculture and water sources but it afflicts practically all sectors of the economy – especially power (cooling water for power plants). These maps clearly show which regions of the Czech Republic are most at risk from agricultural drought (lack of soil moisture) and which from hydrological drought, i.e. a lack of water.


The MoA has actively taken part in setting up the “Interdepartmental committee WATER-DROUGHT” (2014), has ensured measures and programmes to mitigate the negative impacts of drought and water scarcity (2016) and was the main processor of the Concept of Protection against the Consequences of drought for the Czech Republic (2017).The MoA has created 12 subsidy programmes that directly lead to reducing the consequences of dry periods. The programmes will be implemented in 3 stages (2016–2021, 2022–2027, and 2027–2033). The assumed financial demands for the first stage are CZK 13.6 bn. from the state budget and CZK 4.31 bn. from investors’ funds.

Currently, 8 out of 12 subsidy programmes have already been launched, these are primarily subsidies to support irrigation and the construction of small water reservoirs for municipalities, many applicants expressed an immediate interest in the first round of calls.

An overview of subsidy titles against drought

  • Support for water retention in the landscape, including restoring defunct ponds and water reservoirs
  • Implementation of the Skalička water construction in the Bečva river board
  • Preparation and implementation of dam reservoirs in regions affected by drought and deficiency of water resources
  • Support for measures on small watercourses and small water reservoirs
  • Support for planting soil-improving and soil-stabilising species
  • Development programme for irrigation equipment
  • Removing sediments from reservoirs, construction of reservoirs
  • Programme to support the reconstruction, repair and modernisation of the major drainage facilities
  • Programme to support connecting water management systems to the security of water resources
  • Support for the construction and technical appraisal of the infrastructure for water supply and sewerage systems
  • Support for the construction of a drip irrigation system in fruit orchards, hop fields, vineyards and forest nurseries
  • Programme to create tools for assessing the technical, water management and economic efficiency of measures to protect against drought and water stress
Anti drought measures