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Research, Education and Consultancy

The Ministry of Agriculture conducts research and development within the whole agrarian sector and is investing significant funds for its systematic support and development.

Thanks to these subsidies, the results of some research teams from the CR rank among the best in Europe and internationally. The MoA also pays great attention to further education; it manages a system of departmental professional qualifications, educates e.g. entrepreneurs in the sector, as well as secondary school teachers.

Research, Education and Consultancy

Science and Research

The Ministry of Agriculture conceptually and methodologically manages departmental research organisations. It is responsible for the implementation of the National Policy for Research and the National Innovation Strategy in its field of activity, develops the Conception of Research and Development within the scope of the Ministry and ensures its implementation, prepares priorities of national and international programmes dealing with agrarian research, development and innovation. The Ministry also coordinates cooperation in departmental research, development and innovations within the CR and supports the involvement of the scientific research base in European research.

Sectoral Training

The Ministry controls departmental education, ensures the education of the agricultural public and the professional training of state administration employees, especially in the area of legal standards and European legislation. It is responsible for the implementation of the Lifelong Learning Strategy. The Ministry participates in the creation of the National Occupation System and the National Qualification System in the areas of agriculture, the food industry, forestry and water management. At the same time, it grants authorisations to educational entities and participates in extending the professional knowledge of teachers. The Ministry is active in a number of other areas, for example, in the field of environmental education.

Research, Education and Consultancy 2

Sectoral Consultancy

Consultancy and its information system are very important means of the Agricultural Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture. The proper functioning of the consultancy system is essential for ensuring the competitiveness and sustainability of Czech agriculture under conditions of the national and international market economy.

The consultancy system is based on the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy expressed by the existing EU and Czech legislation. Consultancy takes various forms: general informative, professional, individual field and synthetic information provided through interconnected websites. Sectoral consultancy is supported by both national and European subsidies.