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Basic statistical data

The CR is among the top 10 countries with the highest proportion of land under organic agriculture from the total area of agricultural land. Within the framework of the EU, the CR takes 4th place after Austria, Sweden and Estonia, with 12 % of the area being organically farmed. Traditionally, organic agriculture developed in mountainous areas.

About half of the land in mountain areas is now managed organically.
With the growth of areas being farmed organically, there is also a growth in the volume of organic products. In comparison with 2003, for example, the area of cereals increased almost threefold and the production of organic grain more than 4.5 times. Developments in the number of animals in organic production have also seen a rising trend. Since 2003, the number of cattle and the volume of beef from organic farms have more than doubled.

Every year, the interest in organic food production also increases; by the end of 2016, 607 producers of organic food and 4 271 organic farmers were registered, who managed a total area exceeding 506 000 ha. This currently represents a percentage of 12.03 % of the agricultural land fund. Of this, about 66 400 ha was arable land, the area of grassland was more than 418 000 ha, and vineyards made up 931 ha.

According to the FADN methodology, the total production of organic farms in 2016 was estimated at CZK 6.25 billion, which constitutes 4.7 % of the total agricultural production of the CR according to the Economic Accounts for Agriculture (Czech Statistical Office, CZSO). The value of agricultural production includes all the produce from organic farms, including production which is eventually consumed on the farm in the form of feed or seed.