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Regional Food Product

The Czech Republic also focuses on promoting and supporting quality regional food products through the “Regional Food Product” brand. This project was created in early 2010 and is organised by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with individual regions and the Agrarian and Food Chamber of the Czech Republic.


The project caters to the public interest in domestic quality food. The Regional Food Product brand may be received by the highest quality products from each region that excel in quality, are made from local raw materials, have a traditional recipe and excellent taste. The project supports domestic producers of local food and motivates customers to look for such products on shop shelves, at farmers’ markets and directly from manufacturers. This provides a great opportunity for local producers to raise the visibility of traditional specialities, at the same time it is also a form of support for local farmers, food manufacturers and tourism.

Consumers can currently choose from 520 products awarded the Regional Food Product brand from 378 producers.