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Invitation to the informal meeting of EU Agriculture Ministers

The Informal Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture and the Special Committee on Agriculture will be held in Prague from 14 to 16 September 2022. The event will be attended by the Commissioner for Agriculture, the General Secretariat of the Council, the Chairman of the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament and other organisations. In addition to the ministers of the EU Member States, the Ministers of Agriculture of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova also accepted a special invitation. The topic of the meeting will be Ensuring Food Security - The role of EU agriculture and food in sustainable global food production.

Preliminary programme 16 September - Prague Congress Centre
8:15 Arrivals of delegations and welcoming of ministers, doorsteps
10:45 photo opportunity, group photo
13:00 Press conference

In order to participate in Friday's programme at the Congress Centre, you must apply for accreditation through the official accreditation system of the Czech EU Presidency. Please proceed to the system by clicking on the following link: https://accreditation.eu2022.cz/administration/events and create a press account.

Preliminary programme 15 September - voluntary programme also outside Prague

Tour of the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague
Tour of Hole Farm - family farm, crop and livestock production
Tour of the Hořín Lock on the Vltava River - historical lock, navigation channel
Tour of Vraňany Farm - strawberry and vegetable growing - meeting with ministers

Approximate start of the programme 9:00 a.m., details to be provided to accredited journalists.

In order to participate in the voluntary programme on Thursday 15 September, you must apply for accreditation at terezakubalkova@mzecz by Friday 19 August.