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Committee on World Food Security: Russia's invasion of Ukraine is to blame for the current food insecurity in the world

Oct 17, 2022

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jiří Šír was representing the European Union as part of the Czech Presidency at the 50th session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), which was taking place from 10 to 13 October in Rome. In a discussion on the global food crisis, he praised, on behalf of the Member States, the joint report on the state of food security in the world prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organisation and other organisations. Deputy Minister Šír reiterated food security as one of the main priorities of the Czech Presidency.

The joint report The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022 assessed the current situation of global food security as deteriorating. The most serious risks are climate change, conflicts and economic crisis. The main reasons for the current crisis are pandemics and especially the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Experts agreed that hunger and malnutrition must be combated through international cooperation and the promotion of open and fair international trade.

Outside the main agenda, Deputy Secretary Šír spoke at the side event Food Security and Nutrition in Times of Crisis: What should be the priorities for a multilateral, coordinated and comprehensive global response? The event highlighted that the global challenges in food security and nutrition are greater than ever. There is a need to maintain open world markets and avoid protective national measures. Experts also addressed fertilizer shortages, the importance of trade and transparency, and solidarity of supply and production. The priority of food security on a global scale is linked to supporting Ukraine in securing trade flows as well as boosting production in EU countries. Coordinated international humanitarian and development cooperation is also a priority for the EU.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is the main UN body for coordinating and discussing food security issues. The Committee prepares voluntary guidelines that contribute to the development of a number of topics (youth participation in agriculture, gender equality, agroecology and other innovative approaches in agriculture or sustainable food systems). The CFS also has a panel of experts which regularly publishes technical papers and studies. In addition to the ministerial segment, the agenda of the 50th CFS includes a discussion on voluntary guidelines on youth engagement and gender equality in the context of food security.