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We promote healthy, quality domestic food

We want to ensure that consumers have high quality, fresh and healthy domestic food. That is why we are helping to promote Czech products by using the “KLASA” and “Regionální potravina” designations. We also give our support to farmers’ markets, farm-direct food sale, and local foods. We organise Farm Festivals for the public, support organic farming, and promote organic farms and organic foods.

Since 2003, the Minister of Agriculture has been awarding the national designation KLASA ("TOP CLASS") to the highest quality food and agricultural products. Products marked "KLASA" must possess at least one feature of exceptional quality that enhances their added value and guarantees their uniqueness in comparison with the standard products available on the market. As of October 2012, 1,237 products from 221 producers had been awarded the distinction of a KLASA label. http://www.eklasa.eu/

"Regionální potravina" ("Regional Food Product") is a designation which may be awarded to the best products from each region. They must excel in terms of their quality, be made from local ingredients, use a traditional recipe and have an excellent taste. This project is aimed at supporting domestic producers of local foods, and motivates customers to look out for such products in shops, at farmers' markets and when buying direct from the producers. In 2012, for example, when the annual competition was held for the third time, consumers could already choose from a total of 273 award-winning products.

The "Farm Festivals" project is aimed at teaching the public about rural life. It comprises a series of all-day events for families and children at chosen farms. Thanks to this project, the general public can get a glimpse of life on family farms, where children can learn through games about traditional farming practices and the nation's natural and cultural wealth. Farm festivals increase the public's interest in quality, domestically-produced food, and provide support for Czech farmers. They also help people to find farmers in their local area from whom they can buy fresh, quality farm produce directly on the farm itself ("farm-direct sale").

The Food Safety Information Centre (FSIC) is part of the Food Authority of the Ministry of Agriculture. It provides the public with accurate and comprehensive information covering the whole food production chain, i.e. from farm to fork. As well as food safety, the FSIC also focuses on public nutritional issues. The main communication channels used by the FSIC are the website www.foodsafety.cz designed for the professional community. The FSIC also organises specialist seminars for the public and youth education programmes.