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The Organisational Structure of the Ministry

The Ministry is made up of seven sections, four separate departments. These organs can be divided into two groups according to the nature of their activities.

One group involves organs primarily providing the Ministry’s personnel, organisational, economic and communication agenda: the State Secretary Section, the Legal and Information Technology Section, the Minister’s Office Department, the Security Policy and Crisis Management Department, the Audit and Supervision Department and the Minister’s Cabinet Unit. The second group is made up of specialised departments that are responsible for individual agendas according to the Competence Act. These are the Water Management Section, the Forest Management Section, the Agricultural Commodities, Foreign Relations and Organic Production Section, the EU Funds, Research, Develompent and Education Section and the Food Production Section – Food Authority.

Mze building

The Ministry Building

The Ministry of Agriculture is located in Prague’s Těšnov district, in a historical building built in 1928–1932 according to the plans of the architect František Roith. It is a spacious five-storey building in the spirit of modern Classicism that takes up an area equal to an average city block. Every year the building is open to the public on the Open-door Day for Prague’s monuments.

Contact Details

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic 

Těšnov 65/17, 110 00 Prague 1,

Tel.: 221 811 111

e-mail: info@mzecz

web: www.eagri.cz/en