Plans for the second planning cycle

Due to the infringement to the implementation of the WFD, the Water Act amendment no. 150/2010 col. was approved, the Ground Water Directive (2006/118/EC) and the Directive 2008/105/EC on environmental quality standards in the field of water policy were implemented and the new structure of River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) was set.

The RBMPs for second cycle were prepared at the following three levels:

  • International River Basin Management Plans – for the international river basins(Elbe, Danube, Oder),

  • National River Basin Management Plans – parts of international river basins within the Czech Republic‘s territory (Elbe, Danube, Oder),

  • River Basin District Management Plans – 10 river basin districts (Berounka Basin District; Upper Vltava Basin District; Lower Vltava Basin District; Uper Oder Basin District; Upper and Middle Elbe Basin District; Ohře, Lower Elbe and other tributaries of the Elbe Basin District; Lužická Nisa and other tributaries of the Oder Basin District; Dyje Basin District, Morava and tributaries of Váh Basin District; Other tributaries od the Danube Basin District).

The National RMBPs substituted for the Plan of Main River Basins of the Czech Republic and the 10 River Basin District Management Plans substituted for the 8 River Basin District Management Plans. National RBMPs are produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the River Boards, state enterprises, and relevant regional councils. They were approved by the Czech government on 21.12.2015. River Basin District Management Plans are produced by the relevant River Boards, state enterprises, in cooperation with regional councils and Central Water Authorities. These plans were approved by regional councils according to their local administrative power.

The 2nd RBMPs reconsidered and updated goals and programmes of measure to achieve the goals including strategy for financing the measures based on evaluation of the measures taken in the first planning cycle. River Basin District Management Plans filled in National RBMPs with detailed data and measures‘ proposals necessary to achieve goals for each district river basin. The measures adopted in the RBMPs should be implemented within three years after their approval.

The 1st Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs) were introduced to the second planning cycle. They were prepared according to the Directive No 2007/60/ES. FRMPs are produced by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the River Boards, state enterprises, and relevant regional councils.

Drafts of RBMPs and FRMPs were published and made available for comments to the public from 22.12.2014 to 22.6.2015. RBMPs and FRMPs were approved by the Government on 21.12.2015.

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