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Protection against harmful organisms

Dec 14, 2017

Harmful organisms and plant disorders significantly influence both crop yield and quality of harvested crops. Knowledge of biology, propagation and harmfulness of organisms or pathogens is the first precondition for effective protective action against them. The grower also needs to recognize symptoms of pest attack in order to decide about the intervention in time. Information on the current spread of harmful organisms, their population density in a particular crop and the risk of spreading can help growers in the selection and timing of protection measures.

The following offer provides information on the current situation related to occurrence of economically significant pests and plant deficiencies in the Czech Republic, including some prediction models. There are also summarized results of targeted surveys on harmful organisms and plant diseases in the Czech Republic over a certain period. Particular attention is paid to monitoring of aphids flight.

As a service for growers, brief descriptions of harmful organisms and strategy of protection against them are provided on Phytosanitary portal.

In addition, phytosanitary information on quarantine (regulated) harmful organisms, information on pest risk analyzes, phytosanitary diagnostics and phytosanitary measures is offered.