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Integrated production vs. Integrated pest management

In the Czech Republic, IPM systems are currently used mainly within the Integrated Production systems (IP) for perennial crops - in orchards and vineyards, partly also in vegetables. It should be emphasized that IPM is part of this system.

Growers in IP have to comply with considerably more principles and measures than in IPM. The main difference between the two systems is the use of some pesticides that are banned for the IP (red list) or significantly regulated (yellow list), whereas under IPM the regulation of plant protection products is just recommended. However, the grower must always comply with the legal regulations on the use of plant protection products in the framework of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market, as well as Act No 326/2004 Coll., on phytosanitary care. Another example of obligations under the binding IP system may be the compliance with nitrogen doses (for IPM it is only recommendation, however, the legal regulations related to the Nitrate Directive for farming in vulnerable areas are binding for all growers).

The members of the associations for the IP systems, besides other issues, have to comply with all requirements related to other areas of IP, not only plant protection. A trademark is only granted if all rules are followed. Growers in the IP system should therefore comply with a lot more principles and measures than in the IPM system.

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wine produced in system of Integrated production

wine produced in system of Integrated production