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Compliance with general principles of IPM

Member States are obliged to ensure necessary conditions for implementation of integrated pest management by professional users or to support the introduction of such conditions. One way how to fulfill this obligation is to publish all available IPM-related information using web-based tools.

In 2014, the ÚKZÚZ has launched the Phytosanitary Portal (“RL portal”), which provides information about: 

An important module of RL portal is the Semaphore of Plant Protection Products, which shows the list of authorized products in colors based on the risk for individual components of the environment.

Semaphore of PPP

Semaphore of PPP

In connection with the obligations laid down in Directive 2009/128/EC, a control system was introduced in 2014. Official controls were carried out in the framework of this system at farmers using plant protection products in their business (i.e. professional users). In 2015, due to changes in the interpretation of the IPM implementation by the European Commission, ÚKZÚZ had agreed on revision of the control system and adapted the whole system to the specifics of the Czech plant production conditions. From 2015 onwards, a XLSX questionnaire Opens a new window. (18 KB) in a simplified structure focused on the concept of IPM in close connection with related problems of plant production is presented to the agricultural public. The degree of IPM implementation is evaluated by using a score system.

Actual guideline for crop field is PDF here Opens a new window. (4 MB)

Penalties may be imposed for infringement of the obligations clearly stated in the Act or  in related legal regulations (e.g. Act No 156/1998 Coll., on fertilizers or Decree No 32/2012 Coll., on plant protection products and other products). If such infringement is connected to a possible  subsidy reduction for infringement of conditions  of the Cross Compliance system, the administrative proceedings for a subsidy reduction will be initiated.

Outcomes of IPM controls in years (in Czech only):

PDF 2014 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2015 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2016 Opens a new window. (2 MB)

PDF 2017 Opens a new window. (2 MB)