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Fertilisers and Soil

The departemets activities are defined by the Act 147/2002 Coll. concerning the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture and amendments to some connected acts and Act no. 156/1998 Coll. concerning fertilisers, supplementary soil substances, supplementary plant preparations and substrates and about agrochemical soil testing (Act concerning fertilisers), as amended by later regulations, and its rule of practice.

  1. It performs the registration of fertilisers and supplementary substances, further it processes agenda of notification and mutual recognition of fertilisers and supplementary substances; it also files EC FERTILISERS on the basis of voluntary request of manufacturer.
  2. It ensure specialist state inspection during the testing of fertilisers and their introduction to the market and their use.
  3. It ensures and assesses the agrochemical testing of agricultural soil. At the same time it keeps a list of the contaminated area with risk elements and risk substances in order to prevent the penetration of undesirable substance into the food chain.
  4. For the performance of the state inspection in the field of the use of fertilisers, it tests the impacts of various ways and intensities of fertilisation on the yields and production quality and on the soil qualities.
  5. It prepares expert opinions for fertilisers during the assessment of agrochemical qualities of soils and during the assessment of the soil contamination with risk elements and risk substances.
  6. It ensures the monitoring of physical, chemical and biological qualities of the soils in the network of permanent monitoring areas on the agricultural soil and monitoring of the atmospheric deposition, including the coordination and assessment on behalf of the department of the Ministry of Agricultural of the Czech Republic.
  7. It performs the research of the soil qualities of woodland and the nourishment of forest trees.
  8. It performs the inspection of the area after the application of modified sludge, river and lake sediments or the inspection of the materials used in connection with their further use.

Sep 13, 2021

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