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Projects from the Phare Programme

The Phare Programme (Pologne-Hongrie Actions pour la Reconversion Economique) has been introduced by EC as a special instrument to help the transforming countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 

The process of programming the pre-accession support in the CR was based on following main programme documents: 

  • Accession Partnership, prepared by the European Commission for the period of 1998-1999 in accordance with Agenda 2000. 
  • National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis – NPAA, where the CR describes its strategy of accession to EU, including how the priorities in Accession Partnership could be achieved. 
  • Progress Reports, where the European Commission evaluates the progress of the Czech Republic in fulfilling the criteria for accession to EU. 

The realization itself followed the rules set in the implementation manuals. The above mentioned documents were background materials for the National Phare Programmes which were prepared by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic - Centre for Foreign Assistance – in close cooperation with relevant ministries, other bodies of public administration and European Commission. 

Based on the signed Financing Memorandum and in accordance with the relevant programme documents the amount and form of drawing the financial support from EC were specified. 

Pre-accession support from the Phare Programme was focused on following areas: 

  • Strengthening public administrations and institutions to function effectively inside the European Union; 
  • Promoting structures of civil society; 
  • Promoting convergence with the European Union’s extensive legislation (the acquis communitaire) and reduce the need for transition periods; 
  • Promoting Economic and Social Cohesion, investment support in economically and socially affected regions and preparation for In the Cohesion Fund; intense preparation for drawing financial support from structural funds
  • Strengthening the pre-accession support form Twinning by institution building (IB); 
  • Decentralization of pre-accession support in form of delegating the responsibility for financial management to public administration bodies in candidate countries. 

Feedingstuff Safety in the Whole Food Chain – Animal Feed

This project (total amount of 1 800 000 EUR) had two parts – purchase of laboratory equipment (laboratory equipment and hardware and software) and twinning light (partner NAGREF, Greece) and was focused on training and study visits for UKZUZ experts in laboratory and inspection area. 
Realisation period: 08/2004 – 04/2005 

Filling Gaps in Food Safety – Improvement of RASFF (1) CZ02.09.03.12

This project - twinning light of total amount of 150 000 EUR helped UKZUZ in preparation for system integration of all information systems in UKZUZ. Our employees were trained by experts from NAGREF, who also proposed a solution, that was eventually used for realisation of system integration. 
Realisation period: 02/2005 – 09/2005