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Swiss-Czech Co-operation Programme

Development of guidelines for handling pesticide analysis in organic inspection in the Czech Republic (sampling, evaluation and interpretation).

This project from the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme (managed on the Czech side by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic) was implemented under the Partnership Fund, which is focused on gaining experience, best practice and know-how from partner institutions from Switzerland. The lead partner and coordinator of the project was Bioinstitut p.s.c., partners were ÚKZÚZ and FiBL Frick (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland). The main objective of the project was the transfer of know-how in the field of control, proof of pesticide residues in organic products and prevention of not-intended contaminations by exogenous substances in organic farming into the control system of the Czech Republic.

Above the planned activities, the project outputs were presented on EU Organic Congress in Lithuania on 3rd July 2013 and discussed with representatives of the European Commission (Organic unit - DG Agri).

Realisation period: 2012-2013