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WATER information system

The Water management information portal is a public information system that provides state guaranteed information in accordance with the sec. 19 and 22 of the Water Act (254/2001 col.) as provided by decree 414/2013 col., and decree 252/2013 col. In addition the portal provides up-to-date information regarding river discharge, levels and quality, precipitation, reservoirs water quality and levels and other comprehensive information about the waters in the Czech Republic.

The system is administrated by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and other central water authorities (Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Defence). In current state the system represents a platform providing up-to-date information in simplistic and efficient way. For more detailed information in each register user is re-directed to appropriate map portal administrated by authorised organisation. The system functions as a distributed information system that draws source data from different databases.

The Ministry of Agriculture is currently carrying out preparation stage of a project of development of the WATER information system. The aim of the project is to update data transfer technologies and underlying database of the system to ensure better connectivity, develop advanced map viewer allowing unified presentation of spatial information from different sources and update portal view to allow better presentation of all required information in compliance with the INSPIRE Directive.