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Flood prevention

The Czech Republic has been repeatedly struck by severe floods in the last two decades. Damage caused on the health of people and property was immense. In order to limit an impact of floods, „Flood Prevention Project“ according to the document of "Strategy For Flood Protection in the Czech Republic“ was approved. This project has been implemented through grant programmes "Flood Prevention Programme I" (2002 - 2007), "Flood Prevention Programme II" (2007 - 2014), and "Flood Prevention Programme III" (20014 - 2019).

The "Flood Prevention Programme I" was focused mainly on an increase of flood protection in the most vulnerable areas of the Czech Republic, especially a regulation of watercourses and a construction of new retention areas.

The "Flood Prevention Programme II", immediately followed the "Flood Prevention Programme I", was focused on the systematic construction of technical measures along watercourses, especially in urban areas on significant watercourse,  measures for increase the retention in a landscape and supports an increase of the safety of waterworks.

The current "Flood Prevention Programme III" is a continuation of previous programmes I and II. This programme is implemented by the state enterprises – River Board, s.e., Forests of The Czech Republic and municipalities and it is focused on functional technical measures, mainly aimed at an increase of retention in a landscape, i.e. measures for controlled flooding, dikes and water works with retention function.