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M10 Agri-environmen-climate

The aim of the measure is to support ways of using agricultural land, which are in line with protection and improvement of the environment, of landscape and their properties. The measure supports preserving the farmed territories of high natural value, natural resources, biodiversity and landscape maintenance. It consists of sub-measures: Integrated production focused on growing fruit, wine and vegetables using environmentally friendly methods, Maintenance of grass stands focused on maintaining valuable habitats on permanent grass stands, Grassing of arable land and Grassing paths of concentration runoff in order to prevent soil erosion, Bio-belts supporting biodiversity of birds, small vertebrates and pollinators in agricultural landscape, and Protection of northern lapwing and its nesting places and of other birds nesting in the agricultural landscape.

The sub-measures are implemented in the form of five-year commitments. By entering the commitment, the applicant commits, throughout the commitment duration, to farming in line with the conditions of the given sub-measure or title on the whole area of the agricultural land with which the applicant entered the commitment and in line with the conditions of cross compliance and other conditions laid down by European and national legislation.