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M08 Investments inforest area development and improvement of the viability of forests

The measure is focused on environmental protection and on promoting resource efficiency, climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management. Its purpose is to contribute to achieving sustainable management of natural resources and to increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The measure is divided into nine operations:

8.1.1 Afforestation and creation of woodland

8.3.1 Introducing of preventive measures in forests

8.4.1 Restoration of forestry potential after natural disasters

8.4.2 The removal of damage caused by flood

8.5.1 Investments in the protection of soilimproving and stabilising tree species

8.5.2 Non-productive investments in forests

8.5.3 Conversion of substitute tree species

8.6.1 Equipment and technologies for foresty

8.6.2 Technical equipment of woodworking establishments