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RDP: Axis IV - Leader

The aim is to improve the quality of life in rural areas, to strengthen the economic potential and utilisation of rural natural and cultural heritage, plus enhancement of management and administrative skills within rural communities. The Leader principles are an especially good approach since they lead to positive effects, following from connecting varied parties active in rural space. Local action groups using the Leader principle are not antithetical to local government, but appropriately complement it in efforts for the renovation and development of municipalities and contribute to the development of agriculture and care for nature and landscape.

IV.1.1. Local action group
Poor economic situation of rural municipalities and the necessity of mutual help have lead to a growing co-operation among individual municipalities within rural areas, as well as the establishment of local partnerships of actors active in rural areas. Within this measure, local action groups will implement their Leader strategic plan. Support may be granted to those local action groups, which meet the eligibility criteria assessed by the State Agricultural Intervention Fund and are selected by the Expert Evaluation Commission made up of appointed experts.

IV.1.2. Implementing local development strategy
Implementation using a bottom-up approach provides full support to pre-defined projects of local applicants. The Leader method can complement this system by the use of local natural, human and cultural potential and to enhance its efficiency. The support may be granted to projects, which are in coherence with the approved Leader strategic plan and comply with the requirements of individual measures of the RDP. The selection committee of the local action group selects projects for implementation using a scoring system determined in advance. Application of innovative approaches must be among the criteria of the scoring system. Local action group will select projects at least once a year.

IV.2.1. Implementation co-operation projects
This measure enables to enhance the efficiency of the Leader axis significantly by focusing on the utilisation of best practice examples, innovation and transfer of knowledge. The support shall be granted to projects dealing with Inter-territorial cooperation or Transnational cooperation, whose objective will be to facilitate the cooperation between local action groups in the member states and those in third countries. The aim of the measure is to use best practice examples in order to enhance the use of innovation methods as well as knowledge transfer.