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RDP: Axis I

The aim is to support the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry and at strengthening the dynamics of enterprises in agriculture and the downstream food industry. Priorities include modernization of agricultural holdings, land consolidation and adding value to agricultural products. Therefore, the highest volume of funding is concentrated on these actions.

I.1.1 Modernization of agricultural holdings
The support focuses on investments improving overall performance of agricultural holdings in order to increase their competitiveness. By its orientation it is designed to support the modernization of agricultural holdings where there is an inadequate level of investments, into both, structures as well as technologies, in crop as well as animal production. The inadequate investments have caused obsolescence of farm technologies and are reflected also in the condition of farm buildings, which do not always satisfy the modern requirements of animal welfare and environment protection.  

I.1.2 Investments in forests
The measure supports a strategic objective to improve the competitiveness of forestry focusing especially on the support of dynamic forestry enterprise, higher effectiveness of forestry enterprises, on the restructuring of forestry and on improved protection of the environment in forestry. Supported actions should address existing problems such as low level of investments in the forestry sector and obsolete and technically inadequate equipment of forestry enterprises. It will also contribute to the creation and preservation of existing small plants, which will be creating jobs for unskilled as well as skilled labour in rural areas.

I.1.3 Adding value to agricultural and food products
The measure responds to the strategic objective to improve the competitiveness of agri-food industry by focusing especially on the improvement of the performance of processing enterprises and on the development of new outlets for agricultural products, support for marketing of agricultural products, and the development of innovations within the agri-food production, namely through cooperation with persons taking part in research and development.

I.1.4 Land consolidation
Land consolidation is one of key factors for rural development. The measure addresses issues such as titles to land, insufficient agricultural infrastructure or absence of elements of landscape’s ecological stability. Indirectly, the measure also helps to develop farming enterprise and has an indisputable effect on sustainable development of landscape. Land consolidation involves a rational spatial arrangement of parcels of all land owners within a given cadastre territory and, if necessary, also actual demarcation of the parcels in the field.

I.3.1 Further vocational training and information actions
Therefore, the support will focus on the training and dissemination of information in the area of innovations leading on the one hand to improved competitiveness of agriculture and forestry and on the other hand to a desirable and varied diversification of agricultural activity. The measure supports investments in human capital, one of strategic objectives of the Community.

I.3.2 Setting up of young farmers
The measure is linked with the strategic objective to increase the competitiveness of agriculture. It concentrates on support for the development of dynamic enterprise of younger farmers thereby having a positive effect on the age structure of farmers. It will be acting against the departure of young workers from agriculture and will be improving the employment in rural areas.

I.3.3 Early retirement from fading
The measure addresses in particular adverse age structure of farmers and a low inflow of young workers to agriculture. Similarly as measure I.3.2 of the RDP, the measure aims to improve the farmers’ age structure and to contribute to a higher effectiveness of farms and a more intensive introduction of innovations.

I.3.4 Use of advisory services
The measure is designed to improve the knowledge of entrepreneurs in agriculture, forestry and water management, forest owners, associations of owners, forest leaseholders, professional forest managers and other persons taking part in activities in rural landscape. The objective is to facilitate orientation and to support the introduction of new productions, production methods and technologies which are at the same time compatible with landscape conservation and enhancement and environment protection.