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Rural Development Programme 2007-2013

For the new seven-year programme period the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) was founded on the basis of European Council Regulation No. 1290/2005 as of June 21, 2005 on the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy.

With the purpose of drawing down finances the Czech Republic prepared a basic strategic document – the National Strategic Rural Development Plan of the Czech Republic for the period of 2007-2013 and later the programme document – Rural Development Programme of the Czech Republic for the period of 2007-2013 which specifies in detail the measures for meeting the objectives of the development of rural areas of the Czech Republic.

The programme consists of 4 basic parts (groups of measures), each of them meeting some of its objectives, for example improving the competitiveness of the agricultural, food and forestry sectors falls within the first group of measures – Axis I, increasing biodiversity, water and soil protection and mitigating climate change is a joint objective of the second group of measures – Axis II. The task of Axis III is to improve the quality of life in rural areas and to encourage the diversification of economic activities there. Last but not least, the objective of Axis IV must be mentioned – helping the residents of rural micro-regions (applying the “from bottom to top” principle) to work out their local development strategy and to support the projects concerning development of the region they live in, the so called LEADER method.


For the whole programme period of 2007-2013 the Czech Republic was allocated EUR 2.8 billion from the European Agricultural Fund fo Rural Developmet and together with the finances from the state budget the total amounts to approx. EUR 3.6 billion.

EAFRD is the financial instrument of the second pillar of the CAP. It was established by the Council Regulation (EC) No 1290/2005 of 21 June 2005 on the financing of the common agricultural policy which created 2 new funds in 2007, each financing one of two pillars of the CAP:

  • Pillar 1 - market policy (EAFG - European Agricultural Fund for Guarantee);
  • Pillar 2 - rural development policy (EAFRD)