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OP Fishery

The “Fisheries 2007-2013” Operational Programme is a medium-term programme document based on which aid is drawn for the sphere of fisheries from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) in order to push through the aims of the EC joint fisheries policy. It covers the area to which the aim of “Convergence” relates (i.e. the whole of the Czech Republic with the exception of the City of Prague).

Individual measures as part of the priority axes of the Fisheries OP reflect the priorities of the strategy in the area of fishing, whose global aim is to reinforce competitiveness, maintain the existing production of fish and preserve the current level of employment in the fishery industry.

The interventions of the Fisheries OP are aimed at reinforcing the domestic demand for freshwater fish and products made from them through marketing and publicity activities leading to an increase in the consumption of freshwater fish. This will be supported by the modernisation and expansion of processing facilities, with the aim of increasing the added value of products and making production more effective such that it covers changing customer demand. The Fisheries OP counts on the extensive payment of compensation to production fishermen who farm ponds considerately in a way that meets the requirements of the protection of nature. Interventions will be also directed at populating watercourses with eel. Support will be forthcoming for checking the results of applied fishing research in practice and the introduction of new technology at fishing businesses as part of pilot projects. Last but not least, certain funds will be directed towards professional training activities for experts in fishery.