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Direct payments

Agricultural direct payments are part of the first pillar of the EU Common Agricultural Policy. This policy had undergone recently a reform, which resulted into new rules for the period 2015-2020.

For the Czech Republic, the new direct payments ceiling 5,2 billion EUR was fixed for whole period, of which more than 50% continue to be distributed in the form of Single area payment scheme (SAPS) until 2020.

Only active farmers benefit from income-support schemes. Young farmers are encouraged with the introduction of a new 25% aid supplement during the first 5 years in addition to already existing measures.

30% of direct payments are linked to three environmentally-friendly farming practices (so called greening): crop diversification, maintaining permanent grassland and conserving 5% of areas of ecological interest (EFA).

In addition, farmers can benefit from Voluntary Coupled Support (VCS), targeted to several sectors, which are particularly important for economic, social or environmental reasons, and which undergo certain difficulties. In the Czech Republic the support is aimed at protein crops, starch potato, milk, sheep and goat, beef and veal, hops, sugar beet, fruit and vegetables.