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Game Management

Game management is considered a legally legitimate activity whose content is the long-term use and protection of nature and game. It is part of all economic activities undertaken by humans in nature. Game management is currently undertaken on an area of around 6 850 000 hectares.

5741 hunting grounds and 183 game parks are recognised within this area. The average area of a hunting ground is approximately 1200 hectares. 69 species of game are the subject of game management and protection. Of this figure 33 species are protected all year round and 36 species can be controlled by hunting. Game is considered a natural resource and its control by hunting can only be undertaken on the condition that the principles of continually sustainable management are observed.

Among these conditions are maintaining numbers at levels which do not cause any damage to the natural environment and other economic activities carried out in the countryside and which at the same time ensure the biological reproduction of the species and the natural composition of the population as respecting biological relations of animals living in the wild. Game management is historically and legally protected and is currently regulated by Act No. 449/2001 Coll. on Game Management, as subsequently amended.

Hunting is also an interest activity in the Czech Republic for around 100 000 people. The qualification conditions must be met to be able to hunt.

Jul 3, 2015

DECREE on hunting seasons DOC Opens a new window. (DOC, 33 KB)

DECREE on hunting seasons for particular game species and detailed conditions of hunting

Jul 3, 2015

DECREE DOC Opens a new window. (DOC, 162 KB)

244/2002 coll. DECREE Of the Ministry of Agriculture as of 7th of June 2002, implementing several provisions of act no. 449/2001 coll., on hunting

Jul 3, 2015

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