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There are more than 24 thousand ponds and reservoirs in the Czech Republic with a total area of 52 thousand hectares, of which 42 thousand hectares of ponds are used in Bohemia and Moravia to farm fish. The production of fish for the market has long been around 20 000 tons, with the production of the traditional Czech fish carp accounting for a full 89 percent.

Fisheries in the Czech Republic can be divided into production fisheries and management in fishing territories. Management in fishing territories consists of looking after river systems and maintaining fish communities in locations in which recreational fishing is carried out using fishing lines. There are more than 2000 official fishing territories in the Czech Republic with an area of 42 thousand hectares. Some 340 thousand registered members of all fishing unions are involved in recreational angling.
In terms of legislation, fisheries are regulated by Act No. 99/2004 Coll. on Fish Farming, the Exercising of Fishing Rights, Fishing Wardens and the Protection of Marine Fishing Stocks and on the Amendment of Certain Acts, as subsequently amended.

Jul 3, 2015

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ACT on fish farming, performance of fishing right, fishing inspection, protection of marine fishing resources and on change of some acts (Act on Fishery)