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Beekeeping is a very important branch of agriculture. According to scientific recommendations, the optimum level of hives in relation to agricultural culture and the segmentation of the landscape is 700 thousand hives, which would achieve the pollination of entomophilous plants.

Hive levels have now stabilised at the current level of 525 560 hives after considerable fluctuations. This is 25 % lower than the optimum level. The number of hives has actually fallen by 35 % since 1990, when the largest number of hives were kept in the Czech Republic (808 000). Thanks to national grants and grants jointly financed by European Union funds we have been able to at least stabilise the hive level. The number of beekeepers was around 47 468 in 2006. There was a considerable reduction in the level of hives and beekeepers in the Czech Republic during the 1990s caused by predominantly economic reasons.

In terms of legislation beekeeping is regulated by Act No. 252/1997 Coll. on Agriculture, as subsequently amended, Act No. 166/1999 Coll. on Veterinary Care and on the Amendment of Certain Related Acts, as subsequently amended, Act No. 154/2000 Coll. on Animal Breeding, Selective Breeding and Records of Livestock, as subsequently amended, and Act No. 110/1997 Coll. on Foodstuffs and Tobacco Products and on the Amendment and Supplementation of Certain Related Acts, as subsequently amended.

Apr 7, 2016

Roundtable on 20th May_World Bee Day

Roundtable on „20th May, World Bee Day – opportunity for all“. Discussion of possibilites for further development of the beekeeping sector.