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How to find us

The address:

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Tesnov 17
117 05 Prague 1

The seat of the Ministry of Agriculture
Originally, after 1918, the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture were scattered around Prague at various locations. Agricultural businessmen were unhappy with this situation, and they therefore pressed for a single, independent building. For this purpose, a four-storey building in the well-proportioned neoclassical style was erected on the former Petrské embankment. The foundation stone was laid on 18 May 1928 and the building was approved for use in 1932. The portal is decorated with four allegorical sculptures of seated female figures symbolising agricultural labour.

How to get there:

By public transport  

Metro B, C  (the yellow and the red lines) – go to Florenc station. The Ministry building is about 400 metres from the station towards the park of Těšnov and the hotel Opera.

Metro C (the red line)  - go to Vltavská station. From there, take the tram No. 5 or 3 to “Těšnov”. Afterwards, the building of the ministry is about 150 m towards the River Vltava.

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