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Plant production

Plant commodities are understood to be field and special crops cultivated for their primary and secondary products for use in human sustenance and consumption and are used to feed farm animals and for technical and pharmaceutical use. They include products such as grain, pulses, root crops, fodder plants and technical and special crops that include vines, sugar beet, oil crops, hops, fruit, vegetables and curative and aromatic plants.

There are currently 4.2 million hectares of agricultural land in the Czech Republic. A decisive part of this area (3 million hectares, 71 %) is arable land on which individual crops are rotated as part of sowing procedures according to farming areas and actual orientation. Permanent cultures consist of grassland (978 thousand hectares), gardens and fruit orchards (209 thousand hectares), vineyards (19 thousand hectares) and hop fields (10 thousand hectares).

The department of plant commodities makes sure that information from primary agricultural culture is compiled, that analyses and materials for management at the Ministry of Agriculture and for EU working bodies are prepared and that comprehensive reports and publications are compiled for the professional public. It also prepares materials for statutory and subordinate legislation and documents for the approval of subsidy instruments in the field and mediates their application for agricultural businesses. In this activity it cooperates with the State Agricultural Intervention Fund, which as a payment agency ensures the payment of funds from European and national resources according to the rules of the common agricultural policy. The department also proposes and assesses the concept of nurturing agricultural crops and the quantity of fertiliser, barnyard manure and lime matter used on the land in agriculture.  It shares in the creation of measures in the area of plant medicine, fertilisers, chemical substances in agriculture and protection from their negative effect on the elements of the environment.

Jan 15, 2010

Protection of plant variety rights in CZ

The protection of plant variety rights is a kind of intellectual property protection in agriculture. Plant variety protection is an international system based on the International Convention for Protection of New Variety of Plants. Everybody who uses a protected variety is obliged to respect the rights of owner. Disputes and infringements are an object of the civil legal system.