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Organic farming

The Ministry of Agriculture supports the development of organic farming in the Czech Republic, guarantees compliance with the rules for organic farming. It has an active financial role in supporting marketing, awareness programmes and education.




Organic farming is a modern way of working the land without using chemicals, enables the production of high-quality food and is an integral part of the agricultural policy of the Czech Republic. As well as producing organic food, it also contributes to better living conditions for farm animals, environmental protection and greater biodiversity.

Organic farming has been developing in the Czech Republic since 1990 and is characterized mainly by the extensive breeding of cattle, goats and sheep in less favorable agricultural areas. In particular, meat, milk and dairy products are products mostly placed in the market.

In collaboration with non-governmental organisations the Ministry of Agriculture prepares Action Plans for the Development of Organic Farming in the Czech Republic. The current plan is designed for the period 2016 – 2020.

More information and the latest statistical data can be found in Yearbooks of Organic Farming in the Czech Republic (The Action Plan and the Yearbooks are also in English).