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Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is a central authority of state administration for agriculture excepting preservation of agricultural land fund, for water management excepting preservation of natural water accumulation, preservation of water sources and preservation of water quality, and for food industry.


It is also a central state authority administrating forests, hunting and gamekeeping and fisheries outside territory of national parks.

The Ministry of Agriculture is also a governmental authority of administration in the matter of stock exchanges of commodities, which organise trading with commodities coming from agricultural and forest industry, further in the matter of veterinary and plant-care, of protection of animals against cruelty, and of protection of rights to new plant varieties and to new breeds of animals.

The Ministry of Agriculture administrates the Czech Agricultural and Food Inspection, the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech republic, the State Phytosanitary Administration, the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, the Czech breeding inspectorate, and the Czech Inspection for Improvement and Breeding of Farming Animals.

The target of the Ministry is not to plan or to manage agricultural, forest or food production, but to define space within the framework of which our entrepreneurs can act. Meanwhile, the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture is based on agricultural policy of the government and of its official program. Its mission is to build up a competitive agriculture and a food industry capable to sell products in challenging foreign markets, that will not produce any obstacles on our way towards European Union. On the other hand, we also want to conserve cultural landscape in regions where natural conditions do not allow effective agriculture.

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